martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

Anna dress BHL

I do not really know HOW COULD I LIVE WITHOUT THIS BEAUTY!!! I' am planning to do one undred of these. Great job from By Hand London. The fabric it is a nice and drapey poli mix satin with a kinda "sakura" print.

 and trying new tips like covering the end of the invisible zipper.

Dahlia dress

It took a bit to get the right fit for this number from a Colette pattern but I got it. Did I told you sometimes I love polka dots?
It is the Dahlia dress...all yours.........

Beryl top

I got this free pattern some time ago, and just sewed it the past week.
It is really nice and easy! Give it a try. It is the Beryl top by Histoire a coudre. The instructions aré ni grenchuda but tuerce aré a ton of pics so it is very easy to understand.

lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

Burdastyle 06/2016 #118 Shirt

I had this beatiful, but reduced piece of Egon Von Fustenberg fabric. I fished it up from a "silk" claimed basket in a Giesse store.

I though it would be nice to sew a summerish springish shirt. I chose this pattern as I swooned at the sight of the Iris Arctica piece.

I am in love with these white ortensia flowers.

Knock off shirt for lovely husband

Hubby is an asian artist. I thought it would be a lovely idea to knock off one of his casual shirts and sew it up with a wonderful fabric I bought in Japan.
I  used the pin on paper tech to obtain the pattern and then I added the seam allowances.

this is the result on the cheeky wearer

more details of the finished piece.

viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Wembley Cardigan

I am in a hurry, trying to whip up as many winter clothes I can before the spring explodes.
What I am really managing to do it is to try sewing patterns unused until now; I study and fit and true them. In this way they will be ready for the next cold season.

This Wembley cardigan is made out of some scraps of a jaquard fabric and a ponte knit. Actually the sleeves are too thight so in the next version they will be fixed.

anyway it is wearable......

miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Camas blouse

Ahhh my new Camas....
I had this pattern in my collection since the Stone Age, but I didn't dare to try it.....I don't know why, maybe the plaket  seemed a pain in the neck.
Finally I dove in these unknown waters and I am so glad I did it.
In the first place it's a wonderful basic in my closet, them it's an amazing scrapbuster and last but not least, it took me out of my confort zone.